MissinCat releases atmospheric single ‘Mother’ off Forces EP

With the drama of a cinematic crescendo and the intimacy of a lover’s whisper, Missincat performs balancing acts of beauty and bravery on a tightrope suspended between hope and despair.

MissinCat has released her first single, ‘Mother’ off her upcoming EP Forces. The track  features a collaboration with La Boum Fatale, who compliments her capacity to evoke an emotional connection to the music – a sound that buries itself deep below the skin. The breadth of her musical tastes, as well as her idiosyncratic vocal abilities, are redolent of Bjork, yet completely untethered to the shackles of any single genre.

Forces is a thrilling musical journey that consists of five tracks with five different artists: Hundreds, Me & My Drummer, Robot Koch, La Boum Fatale and Federico Albanese. Every single track is an exciting collaboration and has its own unique story. Different worlds and musical styles collide and bring energy and life into the music, but at the same time staying true to her own unique style. Each track remains recognizable as a MissinCat song, creating a consistent, soulful sonic landscape throughout the EP.

“It was important to learn how to lose control. I let go to see what happens. You have to keep looking at yourself from a distance, especially during the creative process.” 

The EP will be released on 15 September. Sample the album and listen to the preview here.

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