Miss Kittin drops the ‘Miss’ and announces new album, Cosmos

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão

Miss Kittin drops the ‘Miss’ from her moniker and announces her new album, which will be brought out under Kittin, her moniker from over 20 years ago. Kittin was the original name that the French artist performed and produced music under at the start of her career over two decades ago but promoters often added the prefix ‘Miss’ without her consent, and the name eventually stuck. The upcoming album, ‘Cosmos’ is slated for release on November 2 via Kittin’s own imprint, Nobody’s Bizzness.

‘Cosmos’ will be the veteran electronic musician’s first album since 2013, and sees the French artist step away from traditional songwriting to focus on “the essence of chords and textures,” the label says.

By liberating herself from the constraints of formal structure,” Nobody’s Bizzness continues, “she opens the door to a new set of aesthetics, exploring her influences without restraint.

‘Cosmos’ Tracklist:
01. Cosmic Address
02. Are You There
03. Questions Everything
04. Elevate
05. Atoms
06. Multiverse
07. Last Day On Earth
08. Deep Space Station
09. Scanner
10. #MeToo
11. White Magic
12. Utopia


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