Metamorphic composer and producer Douran shares unusual EP

Image credit: Pascal Dash

Multi-talented Parisian producer Douran has just shared his metamorphic EP, Avalanche which also features an array of remixes alongside his original work. On the A-side of the EP, fans will find the original singles, filled with cinematic elements and calling for the “big screen” with a sense of refined drama that can only accompany orchestral elements. Douran has shared two live videos for his original work, one for Inertia and one for the title track, Avalanche, in which we can see the musician’s passion for his own work. On the B-side, another world is revealed – where we step away from open skies, rolling landscapes and the burning sense of freedom that accompanies adventure. Leave behind the organic elements and step towards the harsher, but no less beautiful, electronic side.

The remixes draw us towards the people, diving down into the city streets and revealing the magnificent thrumming worlds that are found living alongside each other as Joachim Pastor lends his hand at reinterpreting the title track. Further down, the dark yet funky synth-washed basslines of Gui Boratto’s remix draw us into the underground as we travel amongst the people hardened by the world and driven to find meaning within music. The journey continues, encompassing the works of both Koelle and Fluida as we dwell on the dancefloor and allow the bass to set the rhythm of your heartbeat. However, it’s Ryan Davis who lifts us once more – rising back up to reach Douran’s original tone while also paying homage to the journey we’ve been on.

Stream/Download: Avalanche EP

Douran shares his inspiration for Avalanche: “I really imagined this EP like movie scores, with different intensities and emotions depending on the scenes, but I also thought it through like live music. This EP was actually composed with movies playing in a loop in the background, helping a lot with entering a narrative flow state, and I was often seeing myself playing in a movie theatre in front of a crowd that would come not only to watch a movie but to also dance on some music, like a dancefloor-theatre. It’s really the duality I was looking for!”

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By Sarah Britton