MATTOKÌND release debut single Scenescape

“Through these nocturnal listening sessions we were able to gradually piece together the kind of world the other came from.”

Freelance classical violinist Jae and producer Cristiano Mattokind make up the Berlin based duo that is MATTOKÌND. Bridging a gap between electronic and organic music, they create starkly beautiful, intimate and stirring compositions in their debut self-released EP.

After meeting coincidentally and hitting it off, soon many late nights and post-party get-togethers followed and the pair would play one another records until the sun crept up. Cristiano showing Jae 90’s post-rock and Jae sharing her favourite recordings of Beethoven’s late string quartets.

The EP is deeply rich, dense in ambiance and gently skating around genres to never quite settle on ambient or electronic or classical or chamber pop. Or anything else specifically definable.

“We feel that our genre of ambiguity gives us a good starting point to be flexible and unconstrained, to explore different live show formats.”

This exploration into the live experience is being documented in a film by Ableton titled ‘From Studio to Live’; ”which will capture their journey from the first meeting with their new drummer to the first live performance, documenting the three month process. Expansive visual plans also include incorporating artist Michael Tan’s  visuals (who has worked with Blanck Mass) to the live show using 3D video game and real time video engines.

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