Mattia Cupelli explores new musical landscapes with latest album

Cast your thoughts back: what great RUINS come to mind when you think of history, of bygone civilizations who have crumbled and fallen for us to walk amongst the ashes now? Now, cast your mind forward – what do you think our own world will look like in the centuries to come? Will people find ways to preserve it as it currently stands – perhaps in a glass cabinet for children to view on school tours as they giggle and point? Or even an interactive exhibit in which people can smell the smog and hear the harsh rush of trains and traffic. 

Mattia Cupelli takes us on a journey through his own RUINS as we explore his newly released LP. On the album listeners will find the blossoming track, IRIS followed by the dark and burning ‘CINDER’. CERYNEIAN HIND’ lends an element of drama, with pan flutes to provide an organic contrast to the broad electronic planes. ‘TWILIGHT’ with its creative, curious and light tones recalls some of Cupelli’s older, more ambient works. While RUINS is a mark of the Italian producer reinventing himself, his older work is still worth checking out – for what is progression if there is no comparison? You can find our premiere for his previous single, ‘ONWARDS’ here

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The producer tells us about the creation of the album: “RUINS came to life when I decided to finally reinvent and innovate myself. I started to reflect on the meaning of Time, and how this reflects in our lives. The music reacts to the controversy and contradiction of moving in this and trying to make sense of this dimension. I also find it fascinating to compare this with all humans that reflected are in these themes throughout the centuries. So, I made it through the abstract concept of Art, and with ancient stories from classic mythology.”

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By Sarah Britton