Matilde Davoli leaves us yearning for Home with latest LP + music video

Born in Salento, Italy and based in Lecce (Puglia) and having spent five years living in London, Matilde Davoli is currently exploring the intangible nature of Home in her latest album. Following the introduction, her previously released single ‘Sine’ opens the LP with gently rolling progressions and luxurious notes of apathy. The gently embracing title track follows shortly afterwards, cradling the intimacy and longing in its shimmering tones. ‘Glitch At Dark’ follows with dramatic elements and hints of magic on the horizon.

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‘Il Coraggio di Provare’, the only song sung in Italian, follows at an unhurried pace,  accompanied by a cinematic video that rediscovers the past. ‘Devotion’ changes the tone, increases the tempo and introduces a few key retro-elements to the mix with an unmistakable saxophone to light the way. Later, we’ll find the sax mirrored in ‘Midinight’ which touches on the synthwave territory meeting scattered jazz beats. An ‘Intimate Chat With London’ brings us back to the philosophical discussion of Home, bringing the LP full circle – conceptually and emotionally.

The singer has recently shared the monochromatic video for ‘Glitch At Dark’, created by David Chambriard and premiered via CLOUT Magazine. The video is an abstract take on a woman dancing an aquatic ballet, with dangers and disturbances lying beneath the surface.

“Home has been a process of emotional and musical discovery, I wanted to create a mix of atmospheric jazz, pop and electronic, experiment with song structure and with my limits. I don’t like being tied to a specific music genre, which means trouble when someone asks me what I do. It’s many homes in one.”Matilde Davoli on the inspiration for her LP. 

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