Marti West – Talking To Strangers

Since February, singer-songwriter Marti West has released two singles, namely the vulnerable ‘Nobody Knows Me (Like You)’ and the hard-to-swallow ‘Somebody New’. Now, he returns with the culmination of it all, his self-reflective album Talking To Strangers. And the offering is best likened to a love letter. Let’s break it down paragraph by paragraph, song by song:

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The lead record, and its accompanying video, capture the longing for the simple things that he and his ex-love once shared. Fixating on the past, he sings in light notes, layering the song with a certain unnamable feeling.

Describing a few of the tracks, and we think much of the album unintentionally, Marti says,“…the songs portray a voice that is processing feelings of grief, depression, and isolation. There’s drive and exuberance in the music though, and enough ‘80s synths and defiant drums to offer more than a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.”

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‘Always’ is the opening track, and it is a gentle introduction to the pensive hue that listeners will come to discover resides in many of the tracks. The song feels more sparse as compared to some of the others, but what it lacks in frequency range it makes up for in palpable emotion.

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Image credit: @Daniel Israel-Quinn