Mark Knight Launches ODYSSEY – A Short Film About The Art Of DJing

Grammy-nominated Electronic artist Mark Knight has launched his short film Odyssey, in conjunction with his All Knight Long tour which will kick off in April, and sees him playing 6 hour sets at his selected venues. The film revolves around the art of playing extended sets, and features interviews from DJ’s and industry figures in favour of “playing all night long.”

The art of the extended set faces the risk of extinction, as club and festival line-ups feature more and more artists. However, for many, the allure of an extended set lies in the freedom it provides for a DJ to work through his record collection without the pressure of time constraints.

According to Kaltblut Magazine, Mark had this to say of the upcoming tour: “For me, the mark of a true DJ is someone who can take people on a journey for the entire night. Playing extended sets is something I’ve done many times before and love doing, so I was really keen to put multiple dates together at some of my favourite clubs in the world. We’ve specifically chosen intimate venues so I can take people on a really special trip throughout the night: places where you can look around and still be surrounded by the same few hundred people you started out dancing with hours before. I’ve been planning the tour for months, and I can’t wait to get started.”

Watch ODYSSEY below:

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