Marianna Winter – ‘People Pleaser’

American-Faroese singer Marianna Winter has returned with a new single. This time around, she has touched on a touchy subject: people-pleasing. With an irreverent attitude becoming synonymous with the Soul-pop songstress, she addresses the topic with fire and some really good points. That is, her argument is sound and her story is relatable. We all know what it is like to try to please people without receiving so much as a thank you in return. We know how hurtful that can be. To this end, she said: “We all know some people pleasers in our lives. If you don’t then maybe you ARE one… if so, don’t worry. I got you.”

Stream / Download: Marianna Winter – ‘People Pleaser’

With a catchy hook, a deep subject, and infectious instrumentation, Winter’s new song, entitled ‘People Pleaser’, offers us a piece of Marianna. And that part is her viewpoint set to the hum of synths, an array of ornamental bits and bops, gentle guitar, and most importantly, Winter’s daring vulnerability.

For Marianna Winter, there is only one way out of this bad habit: “This year I sought to add a new word to my vocabulary. The word being: no. I found myself saying yes to everything, but I always ended up leaving my attention and well-being unevenly distributed – in both professional and personal relationships. My new goal gave birth to this song, which I hope will empower other people pleasers to give a little less fucks too.”

Listen to ‘People Pleaser’. Out now via Tutl Records.

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Image credit: Aleksandra Milanovic