Maria Usbeck’s ‘Moai Y Yo’ is the perfect track for this week

Maria Usbeck, who is most commonly known as the (former) lead singer of the band Selebrities, is trying her hand at returning to crafting lyrics in her native Spanish tongue.

What came together aas a test of her ability, has turned into something utterly beautiful and perfect for listeners like you and me, as this sparkling, melodic piece entrances the audience from start to finish. Ethereal in its core, if water nymphs could craft happy music, it would be this. “Moai Y Yo” was inspired by her grandfather’s tales of “the statues at Easter Island (and interpolates bits of the Chilean island’s Polynesian dialect, Rapa Nui),” (according to Fader), and it’s an amazing testament to her dedication to return to her roots.

Purchase the vinyl for the track here.

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