MARIA Die RUHE is ‘Superrare’ in her latest music video

For a moment, let’s consider the pressures that the music industry can place on a rising artist: the push to create (and be) something totally new and unique that still somehow appeals to the mass public. Anyone who falls flat can disappear into the void: the experimental artists who focus on the discomfort or the passion-based musicians who focus on recreating a familiar sound they call home. If either reaches too far, they can be considered irrelevant.

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MARIA Die RUHE defies conventions with her latest single, ‘Superrare’ which highlights these ironies in a perfect, dance-inducing package. Creating her own form of social commentary and the ridiculous lengths artists (and humans in general) go to meet them, we find ourselves caught up in the trolly and taken along for the ride. In the end, does art always need to be superimposed into the extreme or can we all take a moment to recognise our own flaws and have a laugh along the way? MARIA Die RUHE makes us think this might actually be possible, if you’ve got the right pair of glasses available.

The singer takes us through the concept behind her latest single: “Are we really what we seem to be? Taking a glimpse at our over–optimised world that screams for success and individualization – do we all need to be super rare, super fancy, and super perfect? Doesn’t this just make us distanced and perfectly damaged? I created this song on the edge of capitalism and capitulation. Beneath the surface, there is always a human being and it might be worth taking a second look at who a person really is. Maybe this reality is even more interesting than a seemingly needed perfectionism.”


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 Image credit: Arvid Wünsch

By Sarah Britton