Major UK music organisation calls for government to address industry’s concerns over AI

UK Music, an organisation representing the production sector of the UK’s commercial music industry, has called on the government to address concerns related to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in music. 


According to MusicTech, Jamie Njoku-Goodwin, CEO of UK Music, expressed these concerns in an open letter to Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer and proposed a five-point plan for regulating AI in the industry.


The plan outlined in UK Music’s policy position paper aims to protect the integrity of human creativity and the personalities of creators in the regulation of AI. One key focus is the concern that AI tools have been trained on copyrighted works without the permission of their owners or creators.


The letter emphasises the importance of obtaining consent from creators before using their work or identity in AI development. Unauthorised use of creators’ work violates fundamental principles of property rights, undermining their income and the economic foundation of the UK’s music industry.


The five points of the plan address issues including creator and personality rights, copyright, and the protection of human creativity. 


UK Music’s proposal underscores the need to balance the advancement of AI in music with the preservation of creators’ rights and the integrity of the industry. Read the full letter here