Maelstrom has released ‘Lithium’ via Cititrax label

Nantes-based artist Maelstrom doesn’t mess around when it comes to his releases. His latest release “Lithium,” which is out as part of Cititrax: Tracks Volume Two, sees Maelstrom venturing back into the dark corners of the dance world and providing us with a dark, haunting, bass heavy, synth driven techno tune.

Paired with the other tracks on the release, (from artists Tzusing, L/F/D/M, and Silent Servant) it’s clear that summer is well on its way, and that we’re going to have to find us a warehouse to party in soon with songs this incredible coming out. Vinyl records of the release are pressed into blood red, fitting for the overall aesthetic they’ve chosen to go for. Information for the record can be found here.

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