Machinedrum Remixes NOISIA’s “Get Deaded”

NOISIA will release Outer Edges Remixes, an album featuring a series of re-workings of 2016’s Outer Edges, on April 7th.

It includes remixes by Amon Tobin, Camo & Krooked, Mat Zo, Dyro, The Upbeats, Mefjus, and a future-facing re-work of “Get Deaded” by fellow producer Machinedrum.

1. Mantra (Mat Zo remix
2. Get Deaded (Machinedrum remix)
3. Tentacles (Ivy Lab remix)
4. Into Dust (Neonlight remix)
5. Sinkhole (Posij remix)
6. Anomaly (Dyro remix)
7. Collider (The Upbeats remix)
8. The Entangled (Camo & Krooked remix)
9. Exavolt (Mefjus remix)
10. Into Dust (Tsuruda remix)
11. Tentacles (Teddy Killerz remix)
12. Vigilantes (Amon Tobin remix)
13. Stonewalled (Hybris remix)
14. Motion Blur (DLR remix)
15. Get Deaded (Moody Good remix)
16. Miniatures (mono/Poly remix)
17. Get Deaded (Bassnectar remix)
18. The Approach (Rival Consoles remix)

Listen to Machinedrums “Get Deaded” remix below:

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