LOUISAHHH drops ‘Ready’ visuals

LOUISAHHH has been holding it down at Bromance Records as the go-to techno artist, alongside her musical partner-in-crime Maelstrom. 2015 saw some incredibly work from her, including the creation of RAAR Records, but she’d been slightly quiet in 2016 until the release of ‘Ready,’ her most subtle, yet stunning, work yet.

Keeping in tune with her haunting vocal style, she overlays her lyrics over a track that builds up throughout the entire duration of the video. She approaches the visual component in a contrast to the smooth nature of the song however, with erratic changes in visuals and waves that oscillate throughout the piece. Despite the contrast, everything manage to come together beautifully, with ‘Ready’ being one of her strongest works to date and a huge release for the always stunning Bromance Records.

Watch ‘Ready’ below. The video was directed and Edited by Philippe Cuendet for //DIY. Waves Choregrapher and VHS Master were by Issam Tedeski Chouadhi.

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