Lost Horizon: Glastonbury’s Shangri-La Team Announce Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Festival In July

Glastonbury’s Shangri-La team have announced a new virtual reality festival set to take place on July 3rd – July 4th.

Our mission is to pioneer new ways of sharing culture and creating a global community that we feel defines us and our ethos. We need unity more than ever right now, in an industry that is falling away in front of us. By creating a digital platform to experience art and music in a new way, we are at the forefront of defining the next generation of live entertainment and creative communities as we know them.

Kaye Dunnings
Shangri-La Creative Director

Despite the easing of lockdown regulations around the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its toll on economies across the world, the live music industry in almost every country has been brought to a standstill as all live events have either been postponed or cancelled in order to protect the health and safety of the public until we are able to overcome this.

While the cultural industries have been hit exceptionally hard, the music industry has been ferociously fighting back: aside from the exceptional work of organisations such as the Music Venue Trust and Musician’s Union aiming to protect the rights of musicians and the survival of independent and grassroots music venues, the music world has been forced to adapt when it comes to live entertainment  – and everyone has indeed been getting creative.

Considering the postponement / cancellation of acclaimed festivals such as Glastonbury Festival – the team behind an acclaimed area set up as a part of Glastonbury Fest called Shangri-La have announced they will be teaming up VRJAM (a real-time streaming service for Virtual Reality content) and Sansar (a social virtual reality based platform) in order to create a fully interactive Virtual Reality festival called Lost Horizon.

Scheduled to take place from July 3rd – July 4th, the festival can be attended via connecting with a VR headset, or you can even join in streaming via your PC or mobile no matter where you are in the world. The festival will be live streamed via Twitch, Beatport, Youtube and Facebook. 

If you wish to attend by using your PC desktop, you need to attain a free ticket which is available on their site. There have also been over 200 visual artworks curated by ShangrilART along with opportunities for donations from fans toward The Big Issue and Amnesty International.

LOST HORIZON is a deep multi-layered experience, filled with wild dance-floors, secret headliners, a visual feast of art and performance, hidden venues and some HUGE artists playing exclusively for you. Inside this Multiverse you can meet with your friends and make new ones, chat, dance and explore together, blag your way backstage or find a shady corner to hang out in. Fully customisable avatars will transcend gender, colour and the limitations of the body – be whoever you want for the weekend!

For all information regarding Lost Horizon visit their official website here.

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