Looking Back: Top 10 Most Mesmerising Albums Of 2020

We know we are a bit late to this one as we’re nearing the end of January, 2021 (which honestly feels like a strange fever dream, as time seems to have dissipated since March 2020…anyway, I digress). However, we figured we’d put together a list of ten of our favourite albums from last year that if you haven’t – you most definitely NEED to listen to.

We found these albums to truly stand out among many other releases; with outstanding songwriting, production, conceptual execution, aesthetics and more – so despite our tardiness – let’s get into it!


Katie Gately

Released: February 2020 via Houndstooth

Heaven To A Tortured Mind

Yves Tumor

Released: April 2020, via WARP

Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase?

The Soft Pink Truth

Released: May 2020 via Thrill Jockey

KiCk i


Released: June 2020 via XL Recordings


Rival Consoles

Released: July 2020 via Erased Tapes

Healing Is A Miracle

Julianna Barwick

Released: July 2020 via Ninja Tune

Inner Song

Kelly Lee Owens

Released: August 2020 via Smalltown Supersound

Tomorrows I & II

Son Lux

Released: Tomorrows I – August, 2020

Tomorrows II – December, 2020 via City Slang


Rituals Of Mine

Released: September, 2020 via Carpark Records

Renegade Breakdown

Marie Davidson & L’ŒIL NU

Released: September, 2020 via Ninja Tune

We hope you’ve enjoyed our picks!

What were your favourite albums of 2020? Let us know!

Feature Image: Julianna Barwick by Jen Medina

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