Lone and R&S Records accuse The Black Eyed Peas of illegal sampling

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão

Iconic Berlin record label R&S Records took to Twitter yesterday to voice their concerns of the similarities between The Black Eyed Peas’ recent track ‘Constant Part 1 & 2’ and a 2013 track by Lone called ‘Airglow Fires’, with a tweet that asked “Sound familiar?“, along with a clip of the song. Respected British electronic musician Lone responded in agreement to the label’s Tweet a few hours later with his own, simply with “black eyed me’s”.

Resident Advisor reached out to Matt Cutler, AKA Lone, about the dispute via email. Cutler commented, “I was actually made aware of the tune a few weeks back when my manager sent me a link to the video,” and continued, “Needless to say it put me off my breakfast… I mean, you’ve gotta laugh really, but that’s a total rip-off, no question.”

The Black Eyed Pea released the five-minute single ‘Constant Part 1 & 2’ in late August ahead of their forthcoming album, ‘Masters Of The Sun’. The pop group has yet to respond to the accusations made by R&S and Lone.

Listen to ‘Constant Part 1 & 2’ by The Black Eyed Peas, below, as well as Lone’s 2013 track ‘Airglow Fires’. The sample that R&S and Lone are referring to begins at about 2:41 in The Black Eyed Peas’ track.

‘Constant Part 1 & 2’ by The Black Eyed Peas:

‘Airglow Fires’ by Lone:

Tweet by R&S Records:

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