Live Streaming Concerts: Facebook Plans To Allow Artists To Charge For Entry

Facebook has announced they will be implementing a feature that allows artists to charge for entry for online concerts via Facebook Live.

It’s said that the mother of invention is a necessity – and, the saying has evidently proven to be true as we navigate through one of the most turbulent, terror-inducing and devastating global occurrences in the last century.

As our future lies uncertain, the world economy in shambles and our beloved music industry suffering beneath the weight of a world pandemic, as creatives we have all been forced to adapt to a new way of inhabiting the spaces we live, work and create in; we can all agree that without the internet as our main utility things would be looking ultra grim, however we can at least thank our lucky stars we have such a binding connection.

Taking advantage of the utilities at our disposable, musicians across the world have turned to social media in this time of isolation: whether it’s to stay afloat and supplement their incomes, raise money for those whose livelihoods have been deeply affected by the economic crash – or simply, share the beauty and solidarity that lies within our music community.

Virtual concerts and the live streaming of performances have allowed us the opportunity to not only assist one another to the best of our abilities, both emotionally and financially, but to experience the music events by our favourite artists we all crave – from the inside of our homes.

Tech giant Facebook have now announced a new feature which will implement substantial changes to their Facebook Live service – while the details have not been announced in full (we will keep you updated as more information is released) one of the most notable additions will be the allowance of artists to set up their own virtual concerts with the ability to charge for entry if they desire – as it is important to note the majority of musicians have been live streaming for free.

We will continue to follow the additional features Facebook plans to implement as live music – online – has become the best way we can adapt to the upheaval of our live music industry: with the hopes that we can continue to support one another with whatever financial means we are able, and show solidarity with one another during this exceptionally difficult time.

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