Listen to The Irrepressibles’ latest offering: ‘Will I Ever Find A Home?’ – a stirring serenade to loneliness, love and hope

On November 23rd, 2023, Jamie Irrepressible and his seven-piece band The Irrepressibles released yet another haunting single, ‘Will I Ever Find a Home?’, via Of Naked Design. Manchester-based vocalist and composer Jamie started The Irrepressibles back in 2002 – this powerful project has since built a discography of three critically-acclaimed albums. Collectively amassing over three billion streams, Jamie has also collaborated with industry icons like Røyksopp, Rex The Dog, and Ionalee. More recently, The Irrepressibles performed the Self Love & Acceptance EP to sold-out shows in churches and concert halls across the UK, such as St Mark’s in Edinburgh, London’s St Luke’s, and Oxford’s St Barnabas’. 

Following the release of his latest EP, Self Love & Acceptance, ‘Will I Ever Find a Home?’ is a tedner piano ballad, meditating on themes of loneliness and yearning for somebody to love. Jamie’s voice is delicate but oozes potent emotionality, gently supported by a reverb-soaked, minimal instrumental arrangement. Strings swell as Jamie’s voice tentatively but bravely sings of hope for one day finding a home in somebody treasured.

Jamie Irrepressible disclosed: “’Will I Ever Find A Home?’ expresses the longing to find that someone as a gay man or queer person in these times of fleeting affairs and commercialism where the sense of home with someone to love becomes all too elusive.” 



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