Listen to Diane Louvel’s haunting exploration of a difficult relationship in her latest single, ‘Better Than You’

Diane Louvel unveiled her latest single, ‘Better Than You’, on December 8, 2023. And with a voice like Joni Mitchell by way of Neko Case, it’s just a matter of time before fans of legendary songsters like Laura Nyro and Willie Nelson (and contemporaries like Father John Misty and Lana Del Rey) get wise to this rising star in the indie-folk circuit. ‘Better Than You’ follows the success of three previously-released singles, and is part of Diane Louvel’s upcoming album, Above and Beyond.


‘Better Than You’ is an enchanting blend of alt-country and folk-pop that explores the complexities of relationships.The track lyrically dissects the dynamics of a challenging relationship, taking listeners on a journey through the emotional highs and lows, delving into the paradoxical nature of being both victim and perpetrator in a tumultuous relationship. The song features a minimal yet well-executed instrumental arrangement of soulful guitars over which Diana Louvel’s searingly passionate, clear vocals soar. ‘Better Than You’ has a distinct Americana feel that is coated in melancholy, pulling the listener into Diana’s introspective and evocative storytelling.


Diane Louvel reflected: “The lyrics are somewhat rational and analytical with spikes of ‘WTF am I thinking’ woven in.”



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