Listen to Denys Dnipro’s dreamy debut album, A Cycle to Exist

Ukrainian artist and producer Denys Dnipro (Denys Zhadiaiev) unveiled his debut album, A Cycle to Exist, on November 24th, 2023. The LP is a 24-track ambient electronic odyssey laden with philosophical inspiration. Zhadiaiev’s main occupation from 2003 until 2023 has been as a teacher and researcher of philosophy. Influenced by process philosophy and the microgenetic theory of Dr. Jason W. Brown, Denys Dnipro (Denys Zhadiaiev) believes that music has some tools of expression that language does not. One of the ideas is that music, like perception, has a cyclic nature. 

A Cycle to Exist is a miasma of delicate, meticulously-crafted synth textures. The tracks are varied in their mood, feeling and sounds, but Denys Dnipro has managed to maintain a beautifully hypnotic, organic quality to the music throughout the album. Soothing, immersive and celestial, A Cycle to Exist is set to guide the listener into processing events in their life by eliciting feelings that cannot quite be expressed within the boundaries of language.

Radio Airplay commented: “Denys has done a wonderful job of layering his rich palette of sounds and conjures up a certain ambiguous quality in his music that both engages and compels, and the free-flowing nature of both the tracks rhythm and melodic ideas helps cement its gentle and organic feeling qualities brilliantly.” 


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