Listen to Alaina May’s latest single, ‘Keeps Me Up’, a tender ode to human emotion

The burgeoning Alaina May unveiled her latest single ‘Keeps Me Up’ on November 17th, 2023. Based in Boston, the indie-pop singer-songwriter writes acoustic-centric music with relatable coming-of-age lyrics and catchy melodies. ‘Keep Me Up’ follows the 2022 release of a 4-track EP, 417, marks the beginning of a chapter in her musical journey where Alaina May feels that she has found her sound. She collaborated with her longtime friend and producer Nate Blanck (known as “Philia”). 

‘Keeps Me Up’ isn’t just about a specific person, but also the myriad of worries and anxieties that disrupt our peace, making it relatable to a broad audience. Alaina May poured her emotions into this track, crafting it from a voice memo on her phone and a messy page in her writing notebook. The song’s sound is best described as acoustic-centric, with crisp, dreamy vocals delivering evocative and introspective lyrics. The minimalist, ambient production allows the powerful lyrics to shine while adding ear candy through vocal drone synths, sparkly synth arpeggios, and harmonies layered over simple acoustic guitar and piano tracks. ‘Keeps Me Up’ is an anthem for anyone who’s ever spent sleepless nights lost in the labyrinth of their own thoughts. 

Alaina May shared: “‘Keeps Me Up’ is the product of quite a few sleepless nights spent overthinking and wondering what could’ve been. If you can relate, this song is for you.”



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