LISTEN: Four Tet At Dekmantel (Two Hour Set)

If you weren’t lucky enough to catch Four Tet at Dekmantel, all is not lost. The label have just released his entire two hour set for you to listen to, with this statement alongside it: 

Whoever you are, and no matter what your musical preference, there is a good chance you have danced to a Kieran Hebden beat before now. The London man best known as Four Tet has done everything in his career, from glistening indie-licked electronica albums to pumping bass and garage mixes for Fabric via collaborations with Steve Reid and Burial, shows on NTS and plenty of club ready projects on his own Text label. We have long been a fan, and recently he played for us at Dekmantel Festival.

The results were recorded and we present them to you here as our latest podcast. As you would expect, it is hard to put into words what the man aims for, and achieves, across the course of two hours, but suffice it to say it will surely be the most adventurous mix you hear for a while. From niche Indian music to classic house, dirty STL cuts to synthetic tech and Latin tinged funk, he stitches together a wild ride full of smooth left turns and dazzling curveballs that will make you want to loosen every limb in your body and shake till you drop. We already have done once back in early August, and now we surely will do again and again and again.”

Enjoy the full Four Tet set below.

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