Kurt Cobain biopic in production

Courtney Love recently confirmed in an interview that a biopic about the late Kurt Cobain will be going into production starting next year.

It’s not been confirmed yet who will portray Cobain (Jared Leto maybe?), many have approached Love but she has passed the decision onto to her agents whom she thinks are more qualified.

“I am letting my agency decide a lot of things because I don’t want to be talking to some hot producer guy, make out with him and then have him go, ‘So, baby, do you own the rights?’ That has happened.” …. Charming.

Courtney Love will be spearheading the production but will also have support from daughter Frances Bean Cobain and Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. Courtney Love insists that the biopic will honour her late partner, reflecting him in the most honest, respectful way so that his legacy can be resurrected and live on. There may also be talks of a stage musical.

Written by Alex Lewis