Küf Knotz & Christine Elise offer genre-bending resplendent reassurance in ‘Rotation’

Rapper and MC Küf Knotz and harpist/vocalist Christine Elise have unveiled a boom bap-influenced fresh fusion of hip hop and neo soul called ‘Rotation’. Released on March 13, 2024, the track is the second single from their forthcoming album Hypnagogia. The duo has opened for Wyclef Jean, Yellowman, Rising Appalachia, Slick Rick, Say She She, Afroman, Wax Tailor (US Tour Support), Liniker, G-Love, Talib Kweli, Ozomatli, Raging Fya, Eubanks & Evans Experience, and Digable Planets. They have also been featured on NPR Music and WHYY.


Küf Knotz, named Philadelphia Magazine’s Best Rapper of 2022, produced ‘Rotation’ himself. Christine Elise is a classically-trained harpist, pianist and vocalist. Both artists boast an extensive array of musical accomplishments in many different realms of the world of music. Together, they offer a refreshing blend of hip-hop, soul and classical traditions from various communities. The unlikely pair connected and built a similar bond to creating positive, forward thinking music fusing hip-hop with the boom bap era and lo-fi inspired beats supported by the harp.


‘Rotation’ is a soulful anthem promoting self-assurance and freedom. Its blend of boom-bap beats, mesmerizing harp, heavy funky bassline and soulful keys invites listeners to confront life’s challenges with confidence. The chorus encourages embracing opportunities and pursuing personal goals. This track exemplifies their diverse style and positive lyrical themes. In essence, ‘Rotation’ underscores the idea that life experiences are our greatest teachers.



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