Kraftwerk announce upcoming remix compilation due next month

German synthpop legends Kraftwerk announced the upcoming release of a remix compilation. This follows news that the group will be embarking on a tour of North America this year after having been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in October last year.

The upcoming release sees tracks from Kraftwerk’s 1991-2021 catalogue reimagined by producers including Orbital, William Orbit, and Hot Chip. The compilation also features remixes from the band themselves. Comprising 19 tracks, Kraftwerk Remixes will be released on March 25 and will be made available on triple vinyl and CD. 

Pre-order the compilation here, and see the full tracklist below.


Kraftwerk Remixes:

Side A

  1. ‘Non Stop’
  2. ‘Robotnik’ (Kling Klang Mix)
  3. ‘Robotronik’ (Kling Klang Mix)

Side B

  1. ‘Home Computer’ (2021 Single Edit)
  2. ‘Radioactivity’ (William Orbit Hardcore Remix – Kling Klang Edit)
  3. ‘Radioactivity’ (François Kervorkian 12″ Remix)

Side C

  1. ‘Expo 2000’ (Kling Klang Mix 2002)
  2. ‘Expo 2000’ (Francois K and Rob Rives Mix)
  3. ‘Expo 2000’ (Kling Klang Mix 2001)

Side D

  1. ‘Expo 2000’ (DJ Rolando Mix)
  2. ‘Expo 2000’ (Orbital Mix)
  3. ‘Expo 2000’ (Orbital Mix)
  4. ‘Expo 2000’ (Ur Thought 3 Mix)

Side E

  1. ‘Aéro Dynamik’ (Kling Klang Dynamix)
  2. ‘Aéro Dynamik’ (Alex Gopher / Etienne de Crecy Dynamik Mix)
  3. ‘Aéro Dynamik’ (Francois K Aero Mix)

Side F

  1. ‘Tour De France’ (Etape 2) [Edit]
  2. ‘Aéro Dynamik’ (Intelligent Design Mix by Hot Chip)
  3. ‘La Forme’ (King of the Mountains Mix by Hot Chip)