Klockworks shares first video ‘Photon’ off 20-track compilation

Klockworks is releasing a 20-track compilation curated by Ben Klock himself for its 20th release that represents the label’s past, present and future. To preview the work, he has shared a video that encompasses a direction and mood that is strong, demure and micro-detailed in movement and sound.

Showcasing the visual concept of Photon, the concept presents a multi-sensory experience marrying the areas between sound, light and architecture to show how these elements unite to influence our experience. A photon is the fundamental particle of visible light, with the unique property in that it is both a particle and a wave. A photon has zero rest mass and is always moving at the speed of light.

For the past 4 years Klockworks showcases represented talent from the label’s roster while focused around the vibrant visual display of the fabulous Heleen Blanken. This year Klockworks’ new concept PHOTON opens up to friends and colleagues whose productions and DJ sets label head Ben Klock admires, from up and coming artists to the legends of the industry.  Each venue selected for the series will embrace it’s own distinct features.

The collection includes one track from all Klockworks artists, including Ben Klock, the final oeuvre from the late Trevino, some up-and-coming artists and some who have never released before. The compilation which plays as an album is not only for the dance floor but ranges through deep atmospheres to left-field to acid and house.

Contributing artists include Ben Klock, Trevino, DVS1, Etapp Kyle, Sterac aka Steve Rachmad, ROD aka Benny Rodrigues, Heiko Laux, Jay Clarke, Dax J, Jon Hester, Troy de Lugt, Ritzi Lee, Reus, High Position, Yoikoi, Adam Craft, Vincent and Neva.

Due out at the end of September, the impressive 3 double EP includes 3 different artworks created by Ben Klock who is responsible for each Klockworks record design to date.

Check out the existing discography online

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