Kasper Bjørke announces new audiovisual ambient album that follows his five-year battle with anxiety after his cancer diagnosis

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão

Follwing a five-year battle with with anxiety that came along with his cancer diagnosis in November 2011, Danish DJ and producer Kasper Bjørke announces a personal account of his journey through ambient sound and art film, in the form of a concept album called ‘The Fifty Eleven Project’, named after the number of the musician’s treatment ward. Kasper Bjørke explains how he was diagnosed with cancer at the end of the year in 2011, “just two weeks before my 35th birthday,” and how, “I felt this urge to document what I was experiencing through music, but at the same time, I didn’t want to begin recording before my final hospital examination; not until I knew for certain I was going to be okay.” The week that the album will be released marks exactly two years since the musician was given the all-clear after completing 5 years of regular hospital check-ups.

Kasper Bjørke composed the entire album with three friends, with Claus Norreen  and Kasper Bjørke in charge of analogue synths and hardware, Davide Rossi concerned with string instrument composition and Jakob Littauer writing and playing the piano parts. The new album will also be accompanied by 11 art films, created by Justin Tyler Close and Prxjects, which will be screened at Klub in Copenhagen from October 12th through 21st. The cover art of the album is by acclaimed artist Landon Metz, acclaimed abstract artist.

Listen to the premiere of Kasper Bjørke’s single ‘Dur For Vitus’, from his forthcoming album, below.

‘The Fifty Eleven Project’ Tracklist:
01. Line Of Life (Prologue)
02. Seminom Non Seminom
03. CT
04. 50 11
05. Neuron
06. Dur For Vitus
07. Paramount
08. Os
09. 061016
10. Contemplation
11. The Antiphon (Epilogue)

‘The Fifty Eleven Project’ will be released October 19 via Kompakt.

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