KARMACODA share easy-going song ‘Time’ (Birds Of The West Remix)’

Like blocks of Lego, Lo-fi producer Birds Of The West has deconstructed KARMACODA’s production and created something of his own invention titled ‘Time’ (Birds Of The West Remix). Staying true to his methodology, he tells us, It was fun to remix this track for Karmacoda, I like to strip back a track to its essence and then rebuild it from there, using my own sonic color palette to draw with.”

Stream / Download: ‘Time’ (Birds Of The West Remix)

Released under Sola Musa Music, his remix is a mellow composition that will appeal to fans who find themselves staring, deep in thought, at the ceiling. Soft pads lull and languid keys thrum a major scale to set an overall happy overtone. 

The voice of KARMACODA’s lead singer, Jessica, crops up in various forms, taking on new effects, subject to the producer’s experimentation and focus. Mellow electric piano chords are doused in static, and faint motifs come in and out of earshot. A liberally-filtered drum holds the pace, as is tradition in the world of lo-fi. 



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Image credit: Bill Shupp