Juche provides witch house remix for Tee Dee Dees

Let’s launch into Monday with a witch house remix from the enigmatic producer Juche. The artist has recently taken on tee dee dees debut single, ‘War’, wrapping the indie hit in synths and electronic embellishments with layers of ominous retro tones. The single was released earlier this year via Alaska Music with support flying in almost immediately and followed by the dramatic Slim Bears. The original track was compared with the likes of Interpol, Placebo, Depeche Mode however Juche’s take on ‘War’ has been likened to the well-known works of Øfdream, CHVRN, barnacle boi and some aspects of Lorn.

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‘War’ isn’t Juche’s first attempt at reworking vibrant tracks. Last year saw the producer remix ‘Ocean Blues’ by the international rock band, Saint Mars with boy star Tryzdin at the helm while this year saw Juche release an official remix for William Black’s Remedy’. Independently, Juche is well established in the wave scene, with over 8 million plays across platforms and nine singles released this year alone quickly helping that number to build. Even with all of the previous remixes under his belt, ‘War’ stands out, as the backbone of the indie the song remains intact, with just a new covering of rolling beats and the unmistakable breathe of wave infused synths to carry it home. 

Juche shares his initial thoughts on the remix: “When I listened to the original song for the very first time, I was convinced that (Tee Dee Dees’) voice was very versatile. I could have made a different sound, but I thought that making some kind of ”Pop” music and ”Wave” would be super appropriate. I tried a similar approach, mixing past & contemporary sounds, adding that Juche dreamy and nostalgic touch.”


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    Image credit: _liamoz (Liam Ozdemir)

By Sarah Britton