Joy Orbison compiles latest Dekmantel Selectors series

English electronic musician Joy Orbison has hand-picked a compilation of tracks from his personal collection for Amsterdam label Dekmantel’s Selectors series. Entitled Selectors 004 and spread across four sides of vinyl, the LP is set for release November 13th via Dekmantel. Contributors to Selectors 004 are among classics such as R Solution, Source Direct (as Oblivion) and L.E. Bass, as well as newer names, Beatrice Dillon and Klein.

Joy Orbison somewhat sees it as a tribute to the UK and its abundant musical history; – as he includes tracks that are both old and new from various genres from ’80s UK house to ’90s drum’n’bass, techno and funk.

“The UK at its best is a celebration of diverse cultures intertwining and creating beautiful results,” Joy Orbison says “Hopefully this collection of music can document a piece of that. Now more than ever, it seems important to acknowledge and celebrate this.”

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