Joris Delacroix ends the year with techno infused single

Let’s be honest: we’re all looking for that next undeniably good single to connect people on a global scale. Enter Joris Delacroix and his latest single, ‘Homie’ – released yesterday and ready to provide all of those uplifting vibes in time for the year-end. The French producer, known for his deep house hits is branching out with his own imprint, SmallFishBigSea and celebrating the freedom of creativity while doing so. Joris Delacroix’s latest single travels into the world of techno while keeping a firm hold of the core elements we’ve come to know and love in his music. 

Stream / Download: ‘Homie’

His first single with the new imprint featured Run Rivers and celebrated the intimate Early Hours of the morning as the party comes to an end but there are still a few memories to be wrung from the evening. Need For Your Attention with CEBB was a majestic call for the public to pay attention to the music industry and the struggles it’s currently facing. Special shout out goes to Fury with Teho, released just a month ago and already receiving significant attention from major publications.

Joris Delacroix tells us about the inspiration behind his latest single: “‘Homie’ is the kind of music I enjoy producing the most. It’s all about mixing peaceful and dreamy vibes with powerful and uplifting sensations in a constantly evolving way. This contradictory feeling resonates deep inside in me and I still need to express it through my music. The style is between House music and Electronica and the main theme takes influences from Stephan Bodzin and Vitalic.”


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By Sarah Britton