Joanne Pollock To Release Debut Solo Album

Canadian artist Joanne Pollock will release her debut solo album Stranger via Venetian Snares’ Timesig imprint.

Described as “one of electronic music’s most exciting and idiosyncratic new artists,” Pollock was previously one half of collaborative duo Poemss, with Aaron Funk.

Set for release on June 16th, Pollock had this to say about the new album: “What happens when we push up against that which contains us? By distorting the mirror, we may become plastic. When the comfort of familiarity is stripped away, it can feel as though we become a stranger in our own bodies. Is it through embracing the Stranger that we discover ourselves? Stranger explores the multiplicities of selfhood – what defines us, where the boundaries lie.”

01 Carnival
02 Melt Myself
03 You Know I Would Do Anything
04 Never Been You
05 Expect Me
06 Stranger
07 Myself Apart
08 Scratching
09 Jealous Mind
10 You’re Gone

Pre-order Joanne Pollock’s Stranger here.

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