JMSN drops ‘Cruel Intentions’ for new album ‘It is’

JMSN has been slightly quiet as of late- or so we thought. Luckily, we’re excited that there is an upcoming release in the works with the US-based artist. JMSN’s stunning vocals cascade yet again in ‘Cruel Intentions,’ and the jazz influence that serves as JMSN’s background is nothing short of musical beauty in and of itself. Sounding like a whirlwind of classic singers of past and present, ‘Cruel Intentions’ is certainly not cruel on the ears.

The album will be out May 6th, via White Room Records. Pre-order at the album via iTunes.

JMSN – Vocals, Guitar, Rhodes, Bass, Percussion
Aaron Provisor – Piano, Rhodes, Organ
Misha Bigos – Rhodes
Brandon Combs – Drums
Yuki “Lin” Hayashi – Bass
Alekos Syropoulos – Sax
Eliza James – Violin

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