Jerry Folk – U Got It

Jerry Folk’s latest single ‘U Got It’ is bound to be any trap aficionado’s kryptonite with its delightful jagged flow. The track also features seamless vocal sampling that draws strong comparisons to the profound works of world-renowned hip-hop artist Lauryn Hill. Released today via Folkestad Recordings, this single is set to feature on Folk’s highly anticipated project Castle Tapes. Until then, we are caught in this beautifully haunting electronic haze that draws one in with its darker notes that seems almost sinister in tone, but we are not complaining one bit.

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Speaking on the single release, Jerry Folk also shares more insight on his craft and the upcoming album: “As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more aware of how I get drawn to certain palettes over periods of time and how I can use this to make more cohesive projects. Thinking more conceptually about my sound choices and moods gives me a bigger feeling of purpose when making music. “U Got It” is a result of the last couple of years where I’ve been drawn toward mediaeval-sounding things. Harpsichords, worn instruments, simple, folky (no pun intended) sounding music. It’s the first single from my upcoming project “Castle Tapes” and it captures a lot of the palette that has been inspiring me the last couple of years. Hope you enjoy it!”

Crafting his authentic sound that channels darker atmospheres and medieval times, Jerry Folk also puts out a work that awakens the senses with its bold, refined, and attention-commanding trap sequences. Despite many elements intermingling, one could easily find themselves daydreaming about their own kingdom and reign.


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             Photo credit: @akam1ke