Jeff Mills Moon Landing Homage – Interstellar Techno In ‘Moon: The Area Of Influence’

Jeff Mills | Moon: The Area of Influence | Axis Records

Release Date: July 19th, 2019

Jeff Mills, iconic Detroit-born producer and DJ is a household name in the electronic community. With his impressive technical skill, Mills has produced some of the most recognisable work since the beginning of his career in the early 1980s. Over multiple decades, the techno producer has created waves in the industry: as a DJ, a co-founder of the Detroit collective Underground Resistance in the 90s – and moving forward as a soloist with his own imprint Axis Records. His career spans artistic endeavours, with notable representation in film and documentaries, as well as receiving the French award ‘Ordre des Arts et des Lettres’ for his contribution to the artistic world. 

Returning with his latest full-length album, ‘Moon: The Area of Influence’ –  a celebration of the Moon landing’s 50th anniversary – shows Mills notable obsession with the infinite vastness, potential and influence of outer space which remains a prevalent theme amongst his ambient-techno experimentation. With a distinctive voice and style, Mills has once again added to the massive discography that instills him as one of the most influential producers in the electronic music world.

The introduction to the LP, ‘Control, Sattva and Rama’ sets the tone of the album as it greets listeners with the obscure glitching of a sample taken straight from NASA, an ominous ambience circling the echo of voices over the transmitter. Referring to the title ‘…Area of Influence’ Mills explores the effects of the moon on our fragile human species and surrounding, alien world: with a static drone and the hint of extraterrestrial uncertainty.

Throughout the centuries of human existence, the mysterious powers of the moon have been said to affect our bodies, our lives: with the track ‘Erratic Human Behaviour’ perfectly representing that in its title. Opening immediately with a steady beat, interstellar timbres soar in sci-fi ambience amongst the driven tone: oscillating galactic signals dot the track with a determined digital aura.

Theia’ opens with a determined heartbeat, fast-paced pulses as buttons shimmering on board a spaceship. Mills ambient atmosphere shines through the extraterrestrial dance, reverberating through the confident throb of entrancing repetition. ‘Theia’ references a supposed planet in the ancient solar system, summoning the theory of a possible head on collision with earth billions of years ago. The soundscape boasts an obscure, esoteric atmosphere; filled with A.I influence and thoughts of ‘galaxies far, far away.’

Moon: The Area of Influence’ is sculpted in Mills distinctive style, showcasing once again his ability to experiment in a way that remains structured and technical: the expressive use of electronics building a sci-fi influenced realm within the world of Mills unique exploration of techno.

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