Jamison Isaak of Teen Daze releases solo EP

Jamison Isaak has been releasing acclaimed music under various aliases for the past eight years, and today he is returning to his namesake for the release of neoclassical EP1 – a quiet exploration of piano and pedal steel guitar. Whether it’s ambient-leaning synthpop or quiet meditative folk songs, Isaak has created a fanbase around his compelling, melodic and atmospheric works. Heralded as “irresistible” by Pitchfork and “an enchanted tranquility” by NPR, Jamison’s spacious yet intimate releases strike a chord across genres.

Jamison has released under monikers Teen Daze, Two Bicycles, and Pacific Coliseum in numerous styles. For the return to his given name on EP1 he has focused on meditative neoclassical recordings. Recorded between his home studio and Protection Island Recording (with Jonathan Anderson) in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, this EP navigates through four serene piano pieces. Anderson, who collaborated with Isaak on Themes For Dying Earth (Teen Daze), not only provided the blissful pedal steel parts, but also engineered a good portion of the record over one grey, rainy afternoon which is evident in the final version. Music intended for relaxation purposes.

Stream EP1 in it’s entirety below

EP1 is released via Isaak’s own label, FLORA, and is available now on streaming services.

Order EP1 by Jamison Isaak via Bandcamp

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