James Lavelle Presents Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll, Leftfield and U-ziq

In a little over a week, KOKO London will be the hosting an event so rare, it’s almost unheard of. James Lavelle’s UNKLE SOUNDS is back and will be showcasing a night of pure musical mastery from Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll, Neil Barnes of Leftfield, and U-ziq aka Planet Mu’s Mike Paradinas.

UNKLE Sounds is an exclusive audio-visual show created by Lavelle with collaborative set and production design from Unkle veterans Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton-Jones. Having co-founded his own label, played as a long term resident at Fabric and curated Barbican’s Meltdown Festival, James Lavelle knows a thing or two about entertaining. If you’re expectations are high, they’re definitely right to be. 

Orbital were famed for their combination of visual presentation and live performance and since putting the duo to one side, Paul Hartnoll has launched a new solo project, “8:58“, which is based heavily around the concept of work and time. Seemingly not wanting to steer away from the forward thinking legacy Orbital’s sets are remembered for, it’s rumoured that 8:58 has an equal amount of theatricality which is something that begs to be seen. 

Get down to KOKO on 28 February to witness a line up of legends. Click here for info and tickets.