Irvine Welsh To Write TV Show About Early Acid House

Irvine Welsh, author of the best-selling 1993 novel “Trainspotting,” is set to write a new TV series documenting the beginnings of acid house and early rave culture.

The series, titled Ibiza87, will be co-written by award-winning screenwriter,  former music journalist and club promoter, Dean Cavanagh. It is said to be loosely based the early careers of influential DJs Nicky Holloway, Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling. Chronicling their 1987 trip to Ibiza, it will also feature the “Second Summer of Love” in 1988 and 1987. Holloway, Oakenfold and Rampling will curate the soundtrack.

“The house music scene and most importantly, the friendships made, the adventures had and crazy tales swapped, have been a pivotal part of our lives over the years,” Welsh said. “Those beats, pills and travels (whether to the other side of the world or across the town) shaped a generation, and the opportunity to construct a drama within this backdrop is a dream come true.”

Hailed as “the missing link between 24 Hour Party People and Straight Outta Compton,” a release date for the series has not yet been set.

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