Introducing The Playground Picks [Part 1]

The Playground is pleased to present our new GRØUND TV Spotify playlists featuring the artists and tracks that have caught our attention across a wide range of styles.

Every Thursday we will be highlighting our fresh selections from our AFRO, BASS, TECHNO and HOUSE playlists.

Please enjoy!

Fresh selections:

The Busy Twist x Tres – ‘Etali Nga Te’

London-based production collective The Busy Twist team up with Congolese artist Tres AKA ‘Kinsasha Boy’ to deliver a high tempo afro-beats inspired production topped with rich harmonious melodies and some catchy wordplay.

DJ Lag x Unticipated Soundz – ‘Amanikiniki’

The closing track on DJ Lag’s Uhuru EP, released via Mad Decent sub-label Good Enuff, ‘Amanikiniki’ is a rowdy gqom track built for dancefloor destruction.

Fresh selections:

Text Chunk x Hood Joplin – ‘Keepflowin”

A riotous footwork track that became the unofficial anthem of this year’s Dekmantel Festival when it became a favourite of many of the DJs on the line-up. ‘Keepflowin” is a relentless flurry of 160 beats, rumbling bass and unapologetically in-your-face vocals.

Luis Crucet x Furbzz – ‘React’

An experimental song packed with detailed sound design and complexity, ‘React’ is a cathartic release of energy.

Christopher Tignor – ‘The Resonance Canons’ (Botany Remix)

Modern classical artist Christopher Tignor is currently on tour with This Will Destroy You in support of his new LP A Light Below, out now on Western Vinyl. To celebrate the occasion, label-mate Botany gives his track ‘The Resonance Canons’ a complete makeover. In his hands, it becomes a sun-bleached, bass-heavy banger.

Fresh selections:

Mokhov – ‘Dream Spectrum’

An uplifting, melodic and dreamy piece of electronic dance music out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Wajatta – ‘Don’t Let Get You Down’

The musical duo of Reggie Watts and John Tejada — return with their second album, Don’t Let Get You Down, to be released by Brainfeeder on 28 February 2020. With its brightly pulsing synths and whistling hook, ‘Don’t Let Get You Down’ is, in the words of Reggie Watts, “the poppiest song we’ve ever done.”

GRDN. – ‘Zweckel’

From the EP BAUKAU that was released by Finest Ego / Project Mooncircle / HHV, ‘Zweckel’ is a fusion of minimal house and techno with a warm, lo-fi sound aesthetic.

ED.E – ‘Prophecy’

The title track of ED.E‘s latest two-track EP, ‘Prophecy’ features organic claps and sultry reverberations on the melodic synths to create drama and tension over the lower end synths.

Fresh selections:

Cando – ‘Bleak’

Debut 12” from Bristol duo Cando following in that lineage of purpose-built dance floor tracks. Cando‘s combination of percussion-driven tracks and mystical hooks root them firmly in a Bristol tradition.

Lowshape x Second Face – ‘Golden Door’ (Original Mix)

Lowshape returns to Immersion Records with another smashing release featuring 3 techno cuts produced in collaboration with Berlin-based artist Second Face.

Fresh selections:

Johnatron x At Dawn – ‘Recursion’

Johnatron and At Dawn team up once again, this time to create a series of synth-driven house tracks dripping with 80’s appeal. Released via At Dawn‘s own Routine Espresso Recordings.

Bells and Robes – ‘Aggelos’

Blending analogue sounds with digital scapes, ‘Aggelos’ is a chilled-out melodic song that is sure to inspire and motivate many of those who hear it.

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