Interview: Get to know Chris Kaz

Chris Kaz is an artist, composer, producer and filmmaker that was born and raised in London. He recently released a stunning collaborative piece with producer The 83rd, and we sat down with the talented artist to learn more.

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Hey Chris, how’s it going? What have you been up to this week?

I just finished producing a grime track for an artist called Doller Da Dustman aka Doller, who I’m currently collaborating with. And living out of boxes, drinking bicarb’. 

Tell us a little bit about you. For those who don’t know, how would you describe yourself as an artist?

I’m a deep thinking, electronic, future soul artist singer/producer, who sometimes likes to produce dance music and record for other artists. 

I noticed you’re Greek Cypriot as well as half German and Sri Lankan. Does this huge mix of cultural identity play a part in who you are as a musician?

The influence or percussion in Sri Lankan music is heavily inspiring, like in M.I.A.’s music. The double kick in the first bar in Greek music also really interested me growing up. I was always a classical artist so I combined all these together but I merge cultures, genres and frequencies all the time in my music to create something unique and original. 

I noticed you’ve been closely working with The 83rd, a producer who’s worked with artists such as Haleek Maul, Aqualung and Locksmith. Talk me through how you guys connected and the relationship you guys have.

At first it was Instagram and I thought he was just another salesman stalker from USA just trying to take my money and my music for “college radio” haha! I had a lot of those offers a few years ago online. After I checked him out online, I realised he was actually a really cool left hip hop producer in New York, so I decided to collaborate with him, starting with our first track “Save Us”. We’ve never physically met and we’re still going strong and if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be having the opportunities I now have, so I’m very thankful to him. 

Your single “Track 01” was such an intriguing listen, what was your overall goal for that song and how did it come together?

Each song I make is a combination of many. It’s impossible to say them all here but to be brief it’s like a weird life coaching song that’s also relationship-based. It’s me telling myself not to be so crazy and to calm your mind. 

London seems to be churning out some incredibly dynamic producers. Who are some producers you’re digging at the moment?

London has always been and will always be the most innovative city for music culture in the world. The artists that are really shaping it right now are Ben Khan and Jai Paul. Again combining and merging to create something new. 

Your song “Save Us” has a progressive and experimental feel, with a driving bass-line. Is this the overall style you’re going to continue pushing?

I can get on some dance music and funky vibes but my original music is more future soul and warm sounding – like Track01. I have an EP that I’m ready to drop that is all the above, which I’m going to continue with. 

Recently you supported Allan Kingdom for his London show with DJ Semtex. How was it and for those who missed out, what sort of vibe do you bring to your live shows?

That was the first time I had been placed in a huge hip hop crowd. I played deep future soul so it was very challenging but they loved it. Expect to get deep and listen.

When I’m performing my new music it will be more based on concept and experience and I will enjoy and dance too, so lifting the tempo and bass will be fun. 

We’re still hoping to see an official project from you; do you haves omething in the works for the near future? If so, what can fans expect next?

Yes I have done a rework of “Save Us,” which I’ll release soon and then I have another EP coming out and lots of live, alternative, bass’y-soul/electronic music that you’re gonna get your ears around. I’ve been working on this EP for a while. I also have some videos I’ve done myself, which are coming soon. Then I have a full-length album coming out, which is a surprise. Can’t talk too much about it but it’s even more forward than I thought it was going to be. 

Lastly, if you were stranded on an island for a month and you could have two albums to listen to, which records would they be?

Bonobo – ‘Sweetness’

D’angelo – ‘ Voodoo’

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