Indie musician Cujo Moon shares the importance of continuous creativity with latest EP

Image credit: Rae Mercedes

During a time of intense competition for acknowledgement from the masses, many musicians feel pressure to create something “edgy”, “unique” or even what could be widely commercialised. In this process, it’s easy for the musician’s creativity to become crushed, as they turn away from the concepts that originally inspire passion and towards expectations. Cujo Moon with his release of the gentle Bridges II EP, combines classic elements of music to create a harmonious experience.

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The stunning track, ‘Sing Your Song’ highlights this with unique simplicity, allowing its gentle lyrics to lead you into a space of self-love and expression – encouraging listeners to metaphorically do the same. While not the style we usually focus on, the EP proves the importance of entertaining new genres. Cujo Moon himself tells us about his experience of experimenting with different styles: “The songs are a mixture of new and old but the production style was a new venture entirely. The strings, percussive elements, and epic layering of sounds were entirely new for me in this genre. Maybe it was the residue leftover from having been in a psych-rock band for 4 years; I just couldn’t completely revert to acoustic guitar and vocals by themselves.”

Continuing to treat fans following the release of the EP, Cujo Moon has provided an ethereal music video, displaying magnificent scenes from nature and gently venturing into downtempo bliss. The young musician has also thoughtfully provided a copy of the lyrics – for fans who simply can’t get enough of the sound.

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By Sarah Britton