Indie electronic duo HUMANS share slick new single from upcoming EP, ‘Going Late’, with a groovy music video to match

Written by by Maya-Rose Torrão

Canadian indie electronic duo HUMANS have shared a brand new single with the world, titled ‘Going Late’, along with a quirky music video for the track. The new single premiered yesterday via tastemaker publication Magnetic Mag, who described the track as, “ a silky smooth song that flows effortlessly from start to finish”. The music video for the track was premiered by COMPLEX, who also raved about the pair’s minimal but groovy sound as well as their fun video for ‘Going Late’, directed by the multi-talented Peter Ricq, who makes up one half of HUMANS.

The new single is the title track taken from HUMANS’ upcoming ‘Going Late’ LP and follows on from the duo’s single ‘Breakfast With Liz’, which was met with great acclaim from fans and critics alike. With their ‘Going Late’ single, this pair of talented musicians have managed to create a piece of music that could be used to fill out a dance-floor as well as seduce a lover on a low-lit loveseat; this ability to simultaneously be laid-back and vibrant is what makes HUMANS’ music so unique. The sound of the track is made up of meticulously placed juicy funk-infused guitar riffs and dreamy vocal refrains, twisting and turning over crisp drum-beats and dance-style bass cuts, showcasing the exceptional versatility and fearlessness of Peter Ricq and Robbie Slade, who make up the duo.

As for the new track’s music video, Peter himself describes it as, “a homage to classic 70s films like The Warriors. We even went to the extent of shooting it on 35mm film. The crew on and off camera was 90% made up of our close friends so it must’ve been one of the most pleasant shoots we’ve ever done and I believe it shows on camera,” which it truly does. Infused with the glow of neon lights and the shadows of a dark cityscape, we follow a quirky group of friends decked out in super-slick matching bomber jackets, setting off on a adventure filled with funk, beers and dance-offs.

Pre-order HUMANS’ album, ‘Going Late’, here.

Watch the brand new music video for the ‘Going Late’ single by HUMANS, below.

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