In conversation with Will Clarke

Will Clarke is a Bristol-based producer, DJ and gearhead in the English electronic clubbing community. From elevating tech-house cuts, to immersive dancefloor craving sets, Clarke has propelled his own dizzying brand of electronic bliss into motion by shaking these scenes by the ankles by shaking off the norm.

Also a part of the DIRTYBIRD collective, Will Clarke has made some serious waves across the pond remixing for and collaborating with iconic artists from Claude VonStroke, to Justin Martin, to Riva Starr to name a few. Clarke’s latest offering, titled Mercy EP has just dropped via Relief Records, and is surely one to keep an ear out for!

We caught up with Will Clarke on culture value and messing around in studio:

For those foreign to Will Clarke’s earth-shattering sound, how would you personally describe the music you produce?

If I am totally honest, I always struggle to describe my style of music because I write lots of different genres, however I do know that it will make you wanna shake ya ‘lil booty!!!

One of your latest bouncing singles, ‘On The Train’ was released in January by HotBoi Records. Could you possibly give us some insight into the creation or inspiration surrounding this particular piece?

This was a Sunday afternoon in the studio, honestly there wasn’t really any inspiration in this record, apart from me just fucking about on a synth and me being goofy on the mic (yes, that’s me saying “get on the train”). I also think the reason why I probably said “get on the train” is because I feel a lot of music are just copies, and a lot of artists are playing it safe, so it’s kind of a ‘hidden message’. That’s personal opinion though, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s true.

You have been known to collaborate with some top names such as Claude VonStroke, DJ Funk, Huxley, Shiba San etc – but if you could choose that one “dream collaboration” with anyone on the planet, who would it be with, and why?

Maxi Jazz – if you don’t know him, he’s the vocalist from a dance band called Faithless. They were huge in the 90’s and early 2000’s. His vocals are on another level!

Could you tell us about Bristol’s live music scene? Would you change, or improve it in any way? And how would you compare this to performing in other parts of the world?

I love Bristol and wouldn’t change anything about it – it’s unique in its own special way. I’m also not a fan of comparing cities and places, everywhere in the world is unique although you may have the same shops and most places when you are in a city can look similar.. However, if you dig deep every culture is very different. Why can’t we just all accept that places and people are different and enjoy it rather than comparing places!

Where is your absolute favourite place to perform, and why?

There are wayyyy too many place to say it’s my favourite place to play. However, Detroit has a very special place in my heart. I love playing at a club called The Grasshopper Underground, we cram 400 people in a 250 capacity space, and have the sweatiest night of our lives!

Are there any pieces of equipment, hardware, software etc that you feel is absolutely essential in producing Will Clarke’s unique and signature sound?

Nah, the thing that makes my music sound like me is my own brain. The hardware and software just makes it more fun for me whilst im banging my head against a brick wall in the studio trying to make something good!

Care to list some of your very own personal favourites releases of 2018 so far?

My most recent release on Relief Records is one of my favourite, also I have an EP coming out on Sola later on in the year with BOT that’s fucking heavy. I’m also super excited about a remix I’ve just done for Nick Monaco coming out on 27th September on Dirtybird.

What does the future hold for Will Clarke?

Sit back and you will see!

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