In conversation with Jacob Plant after latest blissful house hit, “Amnesia”

Jacob Plant is a British DJ and electronic producer who has been an integral part of the ever-growing house scene since 2010. Releasing classics on prestigious imprints such as Fly Eye Records, Cr2 and Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records to name a few. This further propelled Plant into inevitable limelight after receiving vast support from the likes of BBC Radio 1 as well as MistaJam, Greg James, Zane Lowe, Pete Tong and Danny Howard, earning himself multiple hit charts across the UK and beyond.

From Jacob Plant’s debut 2010 EP, Jump Up, to 2015’s “Ice Cream”, we have been certainly been graced with wondrous select singles from the depths of this innovative producer’s psyche. Plant’s latest single “Amnesia” feat. vocals by English singer-songwriter James Newman is a high-spirited-house tour-de-force, drenched in immersion and rhythmic bliss.

We caught up with Jacob Plant on destination favourites and the reward of performing:

For those unfamiliar with Jacob Plant’s infectious sway, how would you personally describe the music you produce?

My sound is definitely house music. My latest releases have had more of a song structure with vocals. I really enjoy working with singers and other artists.

Your latest single release “Amnesia ft. James Newman” is a highly spirited danceable powerhouse. How did this collaboration come to fruition, and could you explain the inspiration behind the track?

I love this song! I actually have 2 or 3 different versions of this song but the piano house route felt the best. The vocals are kind of sad and serious but the beat is uplifting and happy, which gives it a good balance. My manager actually hooked me and James Newman up. He had some song’s he had been working on and this top line really stood out. I’m really happy with how this record turned out.

Where do you usually like to seek inspiration from when writing and producing music?

I listen to a lot of music. I go through Spotify and radio stations to listen to new music all the time. I try and balance making music with other hobbies like, cooking, rock climbing etc. I think that’s really important because sometimes you get ideas when you’re not thinking about making music, that’s when the best ideas come out.

You have collaborated with and remixed work by many influential artists, from Benny Benassi to DJ Fresh to Rihanna to Maxine, etc. If you could enlist anyone on the planet for that one ‘dream-collaboration’, who would you choose, and why?

I think my dream collaboration would be someone that inspired me growing up. There are plenty of new artists I want to work with but a life goal would be someone like Basement Jaxx or The Chemical Brothers. It’s always really rewarding when your idols enjoy your music.

Comparing studio production to live performances – what do you prefer about either of these settings and aspects?

I love being in the studio. I’ve been really getting into vintage keyboards and studio gear. It’s not something I was that bothered about before, but I feel like it’s been inspiring me again. The rewarding part of playing live is taking the records you spend time on in the studio and see people react to it. That’s the really rewarding part.  

In such an overflowing culture, what is your take on electronic music, and how would you change, or improve it if you could?

I think it’s a really exciting time at the moment for dance music. There’s some really good, underground House, Tech House and Techno records that are crossing over now and getting popular. There is a huge amount of people producing now, and it is saturated (but what isn’t these days). There are a still a few big EDM names still dominating with the same old stuff, but the rise of cooler acts like Camelphat breaking into mainstream is really exciting.

Tell us about your dearest, or most memorable places to perform and showcase your work?

I’ve been all over the world, and there are a lot of places that were really special, but the one that really stands out was India. That place is amazing, the crowd was wild and it’s so different to where I’m from in the UK, it was just an amazing experience. I still really appreciate having the opportunity to travel up and down India for a week and play!

Are there any pieces of gear, hardware, software etc that you feel is absolutely essential in sculpting your very own unique and energetic sound?

Native Instruments has always been a go to for me. I have been using them for sometime now and I have always kept up to date with their new releases. I think if you have Native Instruments Komplete you can make any music you want and do it well.

Care to mention some of your personal favourite releases of 2018 so far?

Chris Lake – “Turn Off The Lights”  
Camelphat – “Dopamine Machine”  
Fisher – “Losing it”

What does the future hold for Jacob Plant?

More singles! 🙂

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