In conversation with Fejká

Interview by Shannon Lawlor

Brian Zajak, best known as Fejká is an electronic producer based in Stuttgart, Germany. Since the ripe age of seventeen, Fejká has been experimenting with contrasts between the atmospheres of ambient, dream-induced nostalgia, and nail-biting techno or deep, explorative house music. Fejká has remixed for the likes of techno-prince Christian Löffler, and Zurich-based duo Odd Beholder, and has previously collaborated with independent artists and producers such as Marie Angerer and Hildur.

Fejká now knows no boundaries, with an immersively captivating new single ‘Infinity’ just released, and once again featuring German indie-pop songstress Marie Angerer on vocals, the single is out now via Ki Records, and has once again captured the hearts of many with his dreamy, delicate dancables.

We caught up with Fejká on experimenting, lightness and darkness:

For anyone foreign to Fejká’s vibrant glimmer, how would you personally describe the music you produce?

Atmospheric Deep-House.

Fejká’s latest dizzying single ‘Infinity ft. Marie Angerer’ was just released on Ki Records. Could you detail how this kind of collaborative process may have differed to recording 2017’s Twilight?

The new song actually felt more like a bonus song for the Twilight EP. I made the beat during the time when I produced my EP, but decided to give it more time. I approached Marie again a couple months after the release of Twilight, and then we finished it together.

You have collaborated with artists such as Hildur and Marie Angerer before – how do you feel about incorporating a juxtaposing source of alternate vocal elements and techniques into your music?

The human voice always has always held something very special for me. The implementation of vocal elements just feel natural, I’ve never really planned to have vocals in my songs!

What are your thoughts on the current electronic music scene and it’s relentless culture? Are there any ways in which you’d like to change, or even improve it?

The electronic music scene is about much more than just music – I think the main focus should always be the music, and not the money. That’s the only way for improvement I guess.

Are there any instruments, pieces of equipment, hardware or software which you feel is absolutely essential in creating Fejká’s original sound?

Over the years I created some digital instruments which I often tend to use. I’ve just started exploring the analogue world though, so let’s see where this goes!

Could you give us some insight into the meaning, or inspiration behind writing the hypnotically immersive, ‘Illumination’, taken from your 2017 EP Twilight?

I created this song in a single night session somewhen in early 2017. It all started with this tiny ambient melody in the first minute when I suddenly composed a chord progression which really felt like an “unfolding“. Referring to “light & darkness”, the theme of my EP – so I ended up naming it ‘Illumination’.

If Fejká could choose that one “dream collaboration” with anyone on the planet – who would it be with, and why?

I really would like to collaborate with Ry X someday.

Any current favourites on your personal playlist which you’d care to share with us?

Really digging the new tunes of Ólafur Arnalds. Excited for the new album! I’m also listening to a lot of music by a French producer, Quatri at the moment.

What does the future hold for Fejká?

I’m currently reorienting myself, which means that I’m working on my second EP. I’m trying out a lot of different things which feels great.

See Fejká live:

30.06. Kulturbetrieb Zappa, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
17.08 Deeper Sommerfest – Kowalski, Stuttgart, Germany

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[Image credit: Tobias Siebrecht]

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