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Interview by Shannon Lawlor

German DJ, producer and artist Christian Löffler has been a driving and influential force in the experimental techno and electronic scene since his first appearance around 2008. Löffler started to play music at the age of 14, and ever since he has been shifting the gears of what we’ve come to know as deep-techno, experimental or melodic house. His groundbreaking 2016 LP Mare on Ki Records (of which Löffler is a co-founder), showcased his ability to push boundaries further and further – opening the eyes of many.

This was then followed by Mare Reworks in 2017, where reputable and similarly like-minded artists such as Parra For Cuva, Tiger Lou, Aparde, Max Cooper among others, creatively reshaped songs from the aforementioned 2016 LP. in In late 2017, Christian Löffler returned with brand new single and video, ‘Haul’, and plans to record a new LP over the course of the next year, he is sure to drop jaws, shake limbs, and create much introspection with his immersive, thought provoking and atmospheric realms of sound.

We caught up with Christian Löffler on standout memories, nature’s inspiration and new music:

For anyone foreign to Christian Löffler’s euphoric resonance, how would you personally describe the music you produce?
Nordic electronic music – deep, dark, shadowy.
Your latest ingenious release, Mare Reworks dropped in 2017, featuring innovative track renditions of your enchanting 2016 album Mare. What did you take from this collaborative experience on others reshaping your own personal work?

Over the last few years touring, I met many incredible producers and became friends with guys like Robot Koch or Avatism for example. We were already sharing new ideas and music before this project, so it was just natural to get this project going. I remember listening to the remix of ‘Vind‘ that Max Cooper created and honestly, I was thinking, “this is much better than the original version”. I never thought that the song could go in this direction. But by hearing his version – it made so much sense! So what is really interesting for me about those reworks is to hear your own parts in a different world of sound, in a different personal vision of electronic music. A way I would have never used it. So now when I start producing something new I try to remember this feeling and take a new idea into a different direction. (Like creating a remix before the original track is actually finished.)

You have collaborated with some notable producers in the past (Fejká, Parra For Cuva, Max Cooper), but if you could choose that one dream collaboration – who would it be with, and why?

I also worked with David August already for example, which was very inspiring and personally, a very good fit. We did a couple of songs together but never really finished them. Maybe that’s something for the future. For other artists it’s really difficult to say as this project is very personal for me and 100% my ideas and thoughts. Of course there are many electronic artists I admire. Like Sascha Ring for example as his early Apparat tracks widened my horizon on music. It was an eye-opener to combine my passion for indie music with electronics.

I don’t know if it makes sense, but to have a look over the shoulders of Autechre, Mouse on Mars or The Album Leaf while producing some of my favorite albums would be great.

Watch Christian Löffler’s video for ‘Haul’ below

What are your direct thoughts on the current state of the electronic music scene? Are there any ways in which you feel it could improve, or change for the better?

I think the general idea is that it would be much better to have focus on art, rather than on money. Just do your thing and explore your sound. That’s what electronic music is about. You have all the possibilities and you don’t need anyone else to create sounds. I think most of the industry behind the electronic music is focused on what is popular and catches peoples attention most easily. But that’s the problem with everything in our world. Almost anything is driven by money in the end. But actually, being creative and and bringing something to life coming from your inner self isn’t working like this.

What are some of your favourite places to perform? Do you ever find that listeners or fans connect with your music on deeper level in a specific place or  country?

Until this day I was always lucky that people were connecting very easily with my music. But I remember some stand out performances like playing on the ‘All Day I Dream‘ stage at BPM Festival for the first time in Mexico, in my first year ever performing live. It was also my first gig overseas. I really felt a connection between the crowd and me. Also Istanbul and Kiev stand out everytime!

Where do you usually like to seek inspiration from when composing?

Nature is essentially necessary for me to create my art. I need the quiet and peace. Therefore, I’ve chosen not to live in Berlin for example like many of my friends working in music but in a small village by the Baltic sea. I live only 300 meters from the sea so it’s easy to have a break from working on music and go for a walk through the beautiful coastal forest here. Also I’m very interested in other art forms like painting or photography which I also practice.

Being a recording artist, as well as a visual artist – how important do you feel imagery, or aesthetic is to your the nature of your music? How do you find influence in imagery?

I always have scenes from touring, an influential movie or daily life on my mind while I create music. It’s a constantly changing universe. I also follow many artists by buying their catalogues and trying to see exhibitions when I get the chance. It’s easier today, as you can also find so many inspiring things on the internet. One of my favorite current painters is Kris Knight for example. Seeing his work is also very inspiring for my music.

Care to name some of your personal favourite releases of 2018 so far?

Of course, I’m very proud of Stimming’s new EP released on our label. Very innovative and classical in one. Also Henry Green or Aparde are definitely names to watch.

What does the future hold for Christian Löffler?

Personally I am trying to set my mind into a creative condition again. I’ve finished a couple of new songs already which I’m very happy with, but also have some promising ideas on my hard disk now. The plan is to release new music before fall and a new album in Winter 2019.

See Christian Löffler live:

June 29thTerminal Music and Arts Festival @ Cafe de Sol, Sombor, Serbia and Montenegro
July 13th – Kowalski Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
July 21st – Rituel Days, Paris, France
July 27th – Jungle Beat Festival, Ilshofen, Germany

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