In Case You Missed It: 15 Brand New Must-Listen Tracks For Your Playlist

As April comes to an end, the excitement of music releases in the months to come grows ever higher; especially if we base our anticipation off the great new releases from 2019 so far. It’s difficult to narrow down all the terrific track releases into one list, but we figured we’d share some of our favourite brand new singles.

Below are 15 new track releases to add to your playlists:

“Cellophane” – FKA Twigs

“Tristan” – Dolorum

“Human” – In Mirrors

“Motion” – Rone

“Breakdown” – Whitewildbear

“BRANDENBURG” – APPARAT (Stimming Remix)

“Teenage Birdsong” – Four Tet

“Mulholland” – James Blake

(Vinyl Release)

“The Curse” – Magic Sword (The Toxic Avenger Remix)

“NECRØ [SATURN]” – trashboei x Ftureable x Beyond the Border

“Easy” – Tycho

“Gone” – TR/ST

“Kobra ft. Pouvoir Magique” – Fakear

“Moi” – Lolo Zouaï

“Bird” (Live Studio Session) – Christian Löffler

Let us know some of your favourite new releases from 2019 so far! What’s on your current playlist?

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