Immerse yourself in Gorillaz’ new audio-visual delight

Gorillaz need no introduction; the bold impressions of bittersweet melodrama the virtual band has forged within a vivid pop-culture niche – remains ever-spellbinding over the years. In an ever psychedelic swirling, interwoven flurry of eccentricity:  we follow members 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel as their lives unfold, their own distinct, vivid narrative created from the very beginning.

The excitement of the saga continues; with their single ‘Humility’ and eclectic accompanying video, Gorillaz announced the release of their 6th album The Now Now releasing June 29th via Parlophone Records. With a new single being released each week as teasers until the album’s release, the next single ‘Sorcererz’ has just dropped leaving fans in eager anticipation.

Watch the official video for ‘Humility’ by Gorillaz below –

Stream the latest single ‘Sorcererz’ by Gorillaz below –

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